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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I can make a difference

Well.. can i make a difference ? i def was never in a position 2 answer ds qn, cos i have never given ds a thought myself..!!
i had no idea wat was in store 4 me, when Malini(my HR @ SunTec) sent me invitation for "I can make a difference" sessoin by Vijay Memon. i never thought ds session wud b so mesmerising :)
The ME b4 n aftr session were quite different.!!
From: Learning Responses
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 1:50 PM
To: Sandeep Bhaskar
Cc: 'Vijay Menon'
Subject: Feedback on "I can make a difference"
Dear Sandeep
I value your participation and the experiences that you shared in the session "I can make a difference". As a facilitator, the real high is in knowing how or if the effort has in any small or big way impacted you in your work, life, relationships, self concept etc.If you would be kind enough to mail me about it, I would consider it to be gratifying. If it has not had any impact, I would humbly respect that as well. So feel free to afford yourselves a full factual expression.The greatest point of expression that we talked in that session throughout would give me the reassurance and better cognition of the path forward.
Awaiting your esteemed reply.
Vijay Menon
From: "Sandeep Bhaskar" <sandeepb@suntecgroup.com
To: "Vijay Menon" <menon_vijay@hotmail.com
CC: "Learning Responses" <LearningResponses@suntecgroup.com
Subject: RE: Feedback on "I can make a difference"
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 14:53:11 +0530
Hi Vijay,
I would like to thank you for the most effective and most amazing session I ever had in my life till date. I am carrying an ever lasting and very strong impression about all the aspects we discussed>today.
The session started as expected and as always with a bit of hindrance, in the sense you really don't know wats gonna happen next.You are worried/busy with a preoccupied mind which keeps on pestering you about the deadlines and work assignments ought to be finished by eod. Its difficult to get your mind away from all such distractions,and get it into a full swing, where I believe the mind can roam free, and creativity is at its maximum level, I would term such a mental condition as nothin less than a 'EUPHORIA'. But unlike most sessions, the very initial few minutes were more than enough to get me into full swing,get me into a state of EUPHORIA. The rest of the session was mesmirising, I cherish every single thing we discussed today.
It did make me realise the 'YOU' factor. When I was speaking, with each and every word I was realising the potential I had within, the mindset I started speaking in, and the mindset when I finished was entirely different, I was able to feel the 'I' factor. Yes I can definitely make a difference. It may be small, but still I did it. As u correctly quoted, YOU ARE BEST TO YOURSELF, WHEN YOU ARE BEST TO OTHERS. I have decided to be best to others, I will surely try and reduce the problems in the world, the main cause to which is LOST BALANCE. Oh all these are echoing in my mind. I could listen to all my colleagues today, I knew all of them since long time, but never got an insight to their life in this perspective. I will definitely respect them more after today, Iwas so happy to hear how Syama planned for a wonderful treat for herparents on a very special day of their life, I cud feel how happy they would have been, I respect Divya for helping that small little girl out with such a bright future. Hats off to Raji, for going and talking to her teammate, and making him develop a much better professional. I respect all of them, all of them have been very significant in making a difference. Then there are so many people, to whom I havent listened this way, I am sure they also would have done something equally or maybe more for making a difference in somebody's life. I am happy to realise all these things. I walked out a better human being.
And as u rightly pointed out, a thing planned, decided to be done, is half work done. So I decided to create an action item list. I am going to follow these strictly as a starter
1. I will respect all others much much more than I used to do, I don't mean the technical or intellectual intelligence they possess.
2. Will find out time, for going out and enjoying the beautiful nature
Thank you so much Vijay, you have a made a difference in my life
Sandeep Bhaskar