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Saturday, October 4, 2008

D Clock Ticks On.!!

well v guys never really realise the significance of time, n how precious it is around d year.. we keep doin this n that.. we even keep sayin.. "oh its so boring out here... have nothin to do to kill time.." n all that...
but thr cums a time whn v do realise... "Examz.." Yeah man.. each n every second matters now.. whether it b 4 last minute rushin thru notes, or if it b for a few minutes of cherished sleep.. it really matters then.. v r havin our mid-term exams from tomoro.. am i excited? am i tensed? am i totally cool.? or confident..? wel its all mixed feelin jst like all d topics whch r totally in a messd up n mixed up form in hard drive of ur brain.. d prev day of exams r nly supposed to b d time whn v shud ideally run a defragmentation of our brain n organise everythn.. so tat the indexing n search operation durin exam takes minimal amt of time.. but unfortunately v never do that.. instead v keep loading so much of data into d disk tht.. most of d times.. "It Crashes".!!
perhaps i indeed am cool, or else y wud i take minutes off my very precious prev exam day time to post a blog.. or am i jst tryin to get in2 my mind n make it realise tht am cool.. or watever..!! it doesnt really matter..!! 
as v all hav done in sum point or other of our lives... "I have studied this much, let me do 1 thng, i wil sleep for jst 15 minutes, i wil keep alarm n get up in 15 mints.. i will feel so much better n fresh" .. .ths thought process mite hav gone thru ur mind for sure.. n' for surely u succumb to tat temptation for a sleep for 15 minutes... n by d piegeonhole principle.. atleast 7 out of 10 times.. ur alarm doesnt work man..!!!!!!!! thts it u r done... u r doomed.. those 15 minutes turned out to b 2 hours... n extremely costly... bt atleast u managed to get in time to write exams... inspite of all this..exam wil b cool.. thr s sum very intelligent part of ur brain.. whch works xtremely well during xamz n make u write many stuff u dint hav much idea abt.. all v need to ensure s that v listen well to dat part atleast durin exmz... 
i think i hav spit out enuf crap... hopefully i dont spit same kind of crap 4 2mrws examz... he he.. IIIT is rocking man.. u spit out crap.. they very well make ur answer paper more crappier.. all u need 2 write in papers is "D Stuff".. nothin else matters.. 
let me get back 2 d precious time.... its askin me to take a quick nap for 15 mnts.. but i dont wanna end up sleepin 2 hrs nw...!!!
Sleep or Study????????????????
d quest remains unresolved......................................