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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nite Outs @ OS Lab

OS Lab - the place where v hang out most in IIIT.
 Every day in IIIT is incomplete without spending some significant time here. It mite either be fighting it out with books or cracking problems in devsquare, or at times watching Andaz Apna Apna. We find this place filled with joy n' provides us memorable moments. 
 We guys make it a point to cum 2 OS Lab every day around 7 pm, after the long sleep after class hours. 7 - 8:15 is jst kind of discussion time, when v guys sit out here n discuss nethin n everythin that matters to us. then our dinner time, we rush off as Guru n Sushy find it very diff  to keep their hunger at peace. Then post dinner, post our long walk in campus, we arrive back at our fav place inside OS Lab, jst across d big window, whch is like the gateway 4 fresh air. [:)].. v then start our activities.. whch range from studyin, orkutting, chatting to even downloading movies.. we find the fun part of all of it in OS Lab. V many times get left n right for keepin music at MAX vol, by sum seniors who r tryin hard to break n crack codes. he he..!! not 2 forget our dearest Swaps.. who has his way by downloading almost everythin up there in Utube, using his addons in firefox. 

 The 1st break after dinner happens arond 12 in the nite, whch wud b for a stroll out to Raju Anna's for a cup of Boost. 
"Boost is the secret of My energy" - Guru
"Our Energy"  - Swappy
is the punch line, these guys keep repeating like always.. the 4 pointer meanwhile prefers to sit silent n comment only on necessary things.. well jst in case u r wondering who d 4 pointer is.. no need 4 ne apprehensions.. it is Sushy only.. d nly hardworkin guy among d odrwise hardly wrkin group..!! [:)] 

 In addition to all fun v have in OS Lab, we hav also have had quiet memorable moments with "Paplu" n "Papli"... "the Source of Sound".. "d phone call n walk"... n so on.. all dese r stories to new blogs themselves.. keep waiting for all that.. so d amount of fun v guys hav here is much more than wat v hav in our hostel rooms.. our wonderful sessions always hav frequent glorious moments when Sanky makes guest apperance for "Chitrakavya" meetin or else 2 invite us for the maggi he mite hav prepared for us.. he a quite awesome man.. a very helpful n nice guy n above all "d cutest" guy as all girls knw him better.. 

 A new addition 2 our group in OS Lab is "i kn nothin"... the laughin machine.. OMG..!! u shud see how she keeps laughin all d time.. for nethin n everythn under d sun.. n also the algo machine.. !! 

I am sure few years down d lane, much more than the pressure of studies, exams.. these r the stuff that v all r gonna keep thinkin abt always..!! 

May the life @ OS Lab go on n on.!!!! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well.. life is always so strange.. it def puts u in d most difficult positions most of d times, n the probs it poses r very diff to solve, (wud b better knwn as of "NP - Hard") in d language of a sw guy.. I was faced wid such an Np - Hard problem sum days back... 

I jst like most of us have always been in situations in whch i keep on sayin that "why god, why me.? " and also lik.. "y dint i get that "?? thes qns kept on echoing up n down for a long time.. d story goes back a long way.. 1997 - i was in class 8... first day of class 8th i guess, v had a new admission in our class that..Aj.. a very smart guy(atleast by looks)... v slowly went n talked to him, n' b4 long, he was 1 among good friend of us.. i still have very good memories of many interesting stuff v used to do together, he was a very friendly guy n definitely an above average guy in class(if not the topper)... his best quality was he used to very friendly with all .. no gang or nythin,.. xtremly polite with almost all in clas.. all ppl had nly good to tell abt him...!! he very soon bcam 1 of d most popular guys in school... now years went on.. we were in same class till 10th.. now 10th results come n all of a sudden a big shock.. it seems he flunked in a Maths in 10th boards.. omg!! tht was big shock..cos tht was never expected of him... n thts it, v never heard of him again.. all v knew was that he wrote boards again n then went into some odr school n joined.. never really met him ever again... v used to think abt him many a times.. but no1 had ne clue.. he had also changed phone no n all.. so not really any way to contact him..

then years ltr.. i think in sumtime in 2004.. whle i was doin my b.tech.. 1 day i incidently met him in a bus stop.. i was really happy to see him, bt sumhow i dint feel any such excitement in his face.. he was very uneasy.. i askd him abt hs whereabts.. n his reply was jst this n that.. quite disturbed abt how he behaved... n unable 2 knw d reason y he treated like that.. i left.. then again aftr years.. sumtime in 2008.. i again met him.. i was actually tryin to figure out a place wher i cud get black filming done on my helmet.. i went to some local workshop, n to my biggest shock, i saw him in dat workshop, wid a welding tool.. i really dint expect that.. i felt so sad for him.. but this time he was very happy to see me, he came n talked to me... i jst asked him.. wat hpnd ? he jst replied.. "no worries bro, i am doin very good, so good to see u aftr such a long time".. he gave me his no n said to be in touch.. n i left back...........................

wat to say... again i was feeling the uneasiness, but neverthless the happiness whch he showed made me feel good........... this s wat ppl mte call destiny. .... or fate......!! Very strange isnt it.??

P.S. - Next time b4 u tell. "Oh God, Why Me?" Think again.................

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rock On.!!

Dil kya kehta hey mera, kya mein bataaoon,
tum yeh samjhoge shaayad ki mein paagal hoon,

Dil karta TV tower pe mein chad jaaon,
chilla chilla ke mein yeh sabse kehdoon
hey yeh waqt kaa ishaara
hur lamhaa pukaara
yunhi dekhta hey kya tuu 
zindagii millegii dubaaraaaaa...

Oh My God, an amazing n rockin hindi movie since a long time.. felt lik comin out of a rock concert after d movie..!! amazin n touchin story.. i bet on it tat every person who has atleast a bit of rock music n passion for music wud love ROCK ON.!! It speaks abt Living Ur Dream!! yeah, watever happens in life, go n live ur dream. Don care abt wat may/maynt happen.. but livin ur dream is very important. Whats d whole damn point of endin up doin sumthin u hate, n later on regretting of wat decisions u dint take long back, when u had the chance. Life very rarely gives u 2nd chance. d movie says abt a band which failed to make it big, cos of sum small ego problems among them, although the talent n magik(as they call themselves) was in plenty..!! But in real life, things very rarely as in thse movies, u never get a 2nd chance. But i guess all get atleast a good chance, so make use of d chance u get n LIVE UR DREAM.!! 

D movie reminded me of many wonderful moments i had wid my friends, when we used to hangout for wonderful jamming sessions. 
Ashok... d most amazing guitar player i have seen.. 
Tommy... mind blowin singer.. he gets d crowd in his hands..  
Murali... bass guitarist... plays Nothin else matters in a deadly way
BAR... Killer Drummer.. 

We guys have had an amazing time, rocking !! but now Tom - is in US working for a sw comp, Murali - doing MBA in New Zealand, BAR - working in Infy, Blore. n Ashok - he is still up with guitars..(happy 4 that). I hope these friends com back sumtime n v shall again have sum rocking time.. its all abt realising wat u wanna do in life.. Just Do it , as simple as that.!!

D movie was also spl, cos it was my 1st movie wid my frns @ IIIT.. a big gang of around 12 of us left d campus around 3. luckily tuesday v have jst 1 class n hence v love to jump on2 d chance.. Thanks to Chandu.. he got e-tickets booked for all of us, :) v had a memorable bus journey, with every1 keeping aside their tension full life @ IIIT aside for atleast few hours.!! PVR @ Forum a nice place 2 watch movie.. we had a nice time. :)
Guys @ IIIT who dared to Rock On!!
Akash, Anenth, Atul, Chandu, Guru, Samarth, Sandeep, Sanket, Shuba, Sunanda, Sushant,Swapnil (in alphabetical order) ... btw v all missed distribution of Assignment-0 grades too.. ;) 

Don't Download Songs of Rock On.!
Buy CD.!!
thts how d day ended.. !! 

ROCK ON.!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mantra of Life

The movement is in the rhythm,
the desire to seek the elusive something is the song…
a wistful smile is carried in the tune…
of ancient thoughts and questions unanswered from time immemorial…
the lust for life,
the need to find out who and what i am
and my primal emotions are explored
in this ethereal, magical and mystical moment…
there are no answers here,
maybe I don’t need them…
just meanderings…
I found muzik… my mantra,
what’s yours?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Super Power - America

One of d best technologies v use so damn frequently is YouTube.! - d whole idea n concept was so huge that they even managed to convince s/w giants Google to buy d whole thing for a heavy price.. well wats good abt YouTube.. u effectively get evrythin up there.. n whn it came synch with orkut.. wat more do v need guys..!! well incidently i went thru a youtube video recently whch was abt Barack Obama's visit to CMU(Carnegie Mellon Uty), he was there as part of a discussion abt "Changes that America must make to compete in global economy". i found sum sections of it extremely interesting. thought i will share it wid u all.
Obama: For the last 3 weeks i have been travelling across the country, talking about how we can change our economy so that it works for the American people. And i have also been listening, I have talked to man in Missouri, whose wife works two jobs, because his arthiritis causes 1500 $ a week to treat. I have heard from a student in Minnesota, who is worried that she won't be able to take her final exams cos she is maxed out on her student loans. We can hear lot of such stories, cos although many Americans are working hard, they still can't keep pace. Its time for us to recognise these individual stories connect to a large American story. All of us have a stake in our common prosperity. We are failing to put overselves in a competitive position in global economy. Our country faces challenges to leadership in this young section. Our children will grow up facing competition from their counterparts in Bejing and Bangalore. If we dont change course, there is no doubt that the American dream will be there for my daughters or your sons, as it was there for us. America risks falling behind. If we cant give every child in America the chance of world class education, we will cripple their ability to make a living in a knowledge based economy and watch China and India move ahead in the race for 21st century.
Now thats soothing for any Indian, well you can catch the whole video here.

The Instant Messenger Window

Well last day Aj hpnd to catch up an old time buddy, Amy online in IM.! They had met each other online after a really long time, they jst started discussing abt this n that.. n ended up talking too much abt Future of the fastest growing economy in d world - India...
AJ: hey
Amy: hi
Amy: how are u i am doing good am in chicago---hope u know
AJ: yea.. wat r u doin thr.? working studyin?
Amy: working deputaion only working with pump manufacturers
AJ: oh great. .
Amy: company howz ;ife going on there howz ur work
AJ: so till whn ru thrAmy: for one yr till may 09 it was sudden
Amy: just a weeks notice so had to leave immediatelyoh ok
AJ: so u finding job interesting thr?
Amy: yes i actually am njoying the work and work culture here only in office ok just concerning me people leave you to do your work and no one interferes doing goodareu njoying the studies there?
AJ: Yea.. very much.. !! now is tht i realise d depth of education.. B.Tech was jst mugging up sumthin n throwing out same 4 xams..
Amy: oh yes tahst why i odnt wanna do it for the sake of getting a degree wanna wait till i feel that its more than mugging and throwing up
AJ: :) isnt possible to check out MS from Us.. ?
Amy: as a matter of fact i dont wanna spend so many lakhs of money just for the sake of an MS---rite now thats my philosophy in life becoz i dont wanna be indebted for 5 yrs just for paying it back and staying away in US or anything like that
Amy: its always areal differnt think to study abroad---becoz u learn what actual study and analyisis is all about---the really fantastic unversities -etc etc thats xactly what i think its becoz its difficlt to get thru d IITs n IIMs hat pple mainly go out n study n its usually for making more money than learning technology etc so if i have to do --if at all --i perefer to do from india from a good place dunno abt wht future says
AJ: hmm.. but u knw wat .. indian education system s drastically changing.. i experience a kind of learning methodology here whch i have never seen anywhr in india.. i must say, i am really impressed..
Amy: ya ya---its learning and taking concepts from differnt worlds----its indeed improving see actually india is fully changing cant say fully aleast the top cities are changing n interior parts at a slower rate as always
AJ: yeah lets hope all good thngs arise out of ds change..
Amy: haha you know what the probelm with many of us is that we just think about ourselves and making money by doing just what we can yesterday i had a conference meet with the vice presodent of this company you shud have heard his vision and in what dimension he thinks the way he learns the indian markets and how he can make use of whats available n best in India etc. He was talking about the wheel paddle that we in india use for agriculture (age old method) and he s doing studies on how some changes can be made on it and optimise so that it can be sold in indian markets etc etc, the potential of india n' other countries
AJ: great thoughts trigger even greater actions.. :) very interesting indeed
Amy: it was so inspiring especially when it comes from a person whom you know thats how some of them think here "out of the box" they have resources at their disopsal but even then these resources came after they came up to that position with their thought processees and innovations what i have seen and experienced after this short term here is we dont have people who inspire us (I am not telling greats things can be done only when we get people to look upto ) but still it makes a lot of difference there should be people who make us think bigger the more we get absorbed in such a crowd or enviornment the more we start thinking our brain take sort f a totally differnt dimension and things start happening some people can act only in groups. some are independent
AJ: very true.. that spark has to be ignited from childhood..
Amy: all what most of us do is get together crack jokes etc etc which i rather not discussour world is so smallllllllllllll we think of studying, getting a job, marrying, having kids an d continuing with d life n' bother when some one does love marriage etc etc. all cranky stuffs
AJ: but u knw wat.. there is a steady change in all this.. perhaps v passed thru a stage when wat u said makes sense.. but now things r diff, atleast wid a minority group, who have started thinkin big
Amy: when in reality across d world these are not at all things of any concern
AJ: i incidently went for an entrepreneurship program in IIM yday
Amy: there are lots of them who have stepped out of the box but sometimes many of us dont see them
AJ: i was really amazed to see d kind of ideas, innovations sum ppl came up with
Amy: ya its always there in IIM n all such places ya thats why they reach there
AJ: no.. its not ppl from IIM
Amy: ok
AJ: it was an event whch was open to odr colleges
AJ: IIM was jst d venue n facilitator.. many ppl from normal colleges, normal backgrounds.. they made a mark.. :)
Amy: great
AJ: i strongly believe in entrepreneurship..!! thts perhaps 1 thing whch wil get india above all, wether it be US or China
Amy: true to the word n we need goo dones
Amy: in the smaller place that we work smetimes we have bosses(for instance )who care only for politics n stuffswe need ppl who can think of the fututre an dream
AJ: Good Luck.. u r gonna make a diff.. i gues
Amy: or sometimes just go on dreaming tahts also a prob
AJ: thts how d ignition strts.. :)
Amy: see i just talk a lot these are thoughts bt without fuel it wont run n' without start i am njoying this work becoz i am getting exposed to a lot of things in office
AJ: but think if u had lots of fuel, then u wil need thoughts to get it started.. so since u have thoughts, its easy.. all u need is a bit of fuel.. am i soundin crazy.. ;)
Amy: hhahah no no its perfectly fine since i am of a crazier hahahaha
AJ: :) ha ha
Amy: it wsa a good talk with u :)
AJ: sure. it was really good to talk 2 u too.. :)

Citi Team - Final Mail

CitiTeam Mates,
"Citi Project" might sound scary to many, hectic to many others and toughto almost all. All that's indeed true, but in spite of all this, being part of CitiTeam was real fun. We might have had really difficult times, but we ensured we inevitably always had our "brainstorming tea and lunch breaks" which would bring us back pumped up. J And not to forget Citi Team tour, which was really mind-blowing.
As you all would probably know already, I have decided to pursue my interests outside SunTec. I would like to wish each one of you good luck and a wonderful professional career. "Citi - Go Live" is not away, and don't forget to include me in the celebration for that.
Best Wishes,

Personalised System of Education

Well.. Jul 16, '08- i landed in Bengalooru with lots of stuff, to realise n live my dream.. I was heading to a place, where i really wanted to be, wher i thought i can re-live my college.. wher i thought i can learn all things whch i wanted to.. wher i can perhaps get solutions to all my unanswered ques.. abov all, wher i get to meet the best of the best. d next 2 days were to b enjoyed b4 jumpin in2 d world of buks, i dint wanna miss d chance. Caught up wid few old skool buddies, had an amazing time wid them.. perhaps i already re-lived my school with them.. most amazing i had in my life was definitely in school - KV Pattom was heaven.!! I wish i cud get back ther, in thos classrooms, in my fav place - football ground(popularly known as Top Ground). I dont knw y it was called so, but its was indeed a TOP Place.. he he.. i wanted to play another game of football.. Well all those mite remain dreams forever, lets get back to d dream, whch i was goin to fulfill.