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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Instant Messenger Window

Well last day Aj hpnd to catch up an old time buddy, Amy online in IM.! They had met each other online after a really long time, they jst started discussing abt this n that.. n ended up talking too much abt Future of the fastest growing economy in d world - India...
AJ: hey
Amy: hi
Amy: how are u i am doing good am in chicago---hope u know
AJ: yea.. wat r u doin thr.? working studyin?
Amy: working deputaion only working with pump manufacturers
AJ: oh great. .
Amy: company howz ;ife going on there howz ur work
AJ: so till whn ru thrAmy: for one yr till may 09 it was sudden
Amy: just a weeks notice so had to leave immediatelyoh ok
AJ: so u finding job interesting thr?
Amy: yes i actually am njoying the work and work culture here only in office ok just concerning me people leave you to do your work and no one interferes doing goodareu njoying the studies there?
AJ: Yea.. very much.. !! now is tht i realise d depth of education.. B.Tech was jst mugging up sumthin n throwing out same 4 xams..
Amy: oh yes tahst why i odnt wanna do it for the sake of getting a degree wanna wait till i feel that its more than mugging and throwing up
AJ: :) isnt possible to check out MS from Us.. ?
Amy: as a matter of fact i dont wanna spend so many lakhs of money just for the sake of an MS---rite now thats my philosophy in life becoz i dont wanna be indebted for 5 yrs just for paying it back and staying away in US or anything like that
Amy: its always areal differnt think to study abroad---becoz u learn what actual study and analyisis is all about---the really fantastic unversities -etc etc thats xactly what i think its becoz its difficlt to get thru d IITs n IIMs hat pple mainly go out n study n its usually for making more money than learning technology etc so if i have to do --if at all --i perefer to do from india from a good place dunno abt wht future says
AJ: hmm.. but u knw wat .. indian education system s drastically changing.. i experience a kind of learning methodology here whch i have never seen anywhr in india.. i must say, i am really impressed..
Amy: ya ya---its learning and taking concepts from differnt worlds----its indeed improving see actually india is fully changing cant say fully aleast the top cities are changing n interior parts at a slower rate as always
AJ: yeah lets hope all good thngs arise out of ds change..
Amy: haha you know what the probelm with many of us is that we just think about ourselves and making money by doing just what we can yesterday i had a conference meet with the vice presodent of this company you shud have heard his vision and in what dimension he thinks the way he learns the indian markets and how he can make use of whats available n best in India etc. He was talking about the wheel paddle that we in india use for agriculture (age old method) and he s doing studies on how some changes can be made on it and optimise so that it can be sold in indian markets etc etc, the potential of india n' other countries
AJ: great thoughts trigger even greater actions.. :) very interesting indeed
Amy: it was so inspiring especially when it comes from a person whom you know thats how some of them think here "out of the box" they have resources at their disopsal but even then these resources came after they came up to that position with their thought processees and innovations what i have seen and experienced after this short term here is we dont have people who inspire us (I am not telling greats things can be done only when we get people to look upto ) but still it makes a lot of difference there should be people who make us think bigger the more we get absorbed in such a crowd or enviornment the more we start thinking our brain take sort f a totally differnt dimension and things start happening some people can act only in groups. some are independent
AJ: very true.. that spark has to be ignited from childhood..
Amy: all what most of us do is get together crack jokes etc etc which i rather not discussour world is so smallllllllllllll we think of studying, getting a job, marrying, having kids an d continuing with d life n' bother when some one does love marriage etc etc. all cranky stuffs
AJ: but u knw wat.. there is a steady change in all this.. perhaps v passed thru a stage when wat u said makes sense.. but now things r diff, atleast wid a minority group, who have started thinkin big
Amy: when in reality across d world these are not at all things of any concern
AJ: i incidently went for an entrepreneurship program in IIM yday
Amy: there are lots of them who have stepped out of the box but sometimes many of us dont see them
AJ: i was really amazed to see d kind of ideas, innovations sum ppl came up with
Amy: ya its always there in IIM n all such places ya thats why they reach there
AJ: no.. its not ppl from IIM
Amy: ok
AJ: it was an event whch was open to odr colleges
AJ: IIM was jst d venue n facilitator.. many ppl from normal colleges, normal backgrounds.. they made a mark.. :)
Amy: great
AJ: i strongly believe in entrepreneurship..!! thts perhaps 1 thing whch wil get india above all, wether it be US or China
Amy: true to the word n we need goo dones
Amy: in the smaller place that we work smetimes we have bosses(for instance )who care only for politics n stuffswe need ppl who can think of the fututre an dream
AJ: Good Luck.. u r gonna make a diff.. i gues
Amy: or sometimes just go on dreaming tahts also a prob
AJ: thts how d ignition strts.. :)
Amy: see i just talk a lot these are thoughts bt without fuel it wont run n' without start i am njoying this work becoz i am getting exposed to a lot of things in office
AJ: but think if u had lots of fuel, then u wil need thoughts to get it started.. so since u have thoughts, its easy.. all u need is a bit of fuel.. am i soundin crazy.. ;)
Amy: hhahah no no its perfectly fine since i am of a crazier hahahaha
AJ: :) ha ha
Amy: it wsa a good talk with u :)
AJ: sure. it was really good to talk 2 u too.. :)

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