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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nite Outs @ OS Lab

OS Lab - the place where v hang out most in IIIT.
 Every day in IIIT is incomplete without spending some significant time here. It mite either be fighting it out with books or cracking problems in devsquare, or at times watching Andaz Apna Apna. We find this place filled with joy n' provides us memorable moments. 
 We guys make it a point to cum 2 OS Lab every day around 7 pm, after the long sleep after class hours. 7 - 8:15 is jst kind of discussion time, when v guys sit out here n discuss nethin n everythin that matters to us. then our dinner time, we rush off as Guru n Sushy find it very diff  to keep their hunger at peace. Then post dinner, post our long walk in campus, we arrive back at our fav place inside OS Lab, jst across d big window, whch is like the gateway 4 fresh air. [:)].. v then start our activities.. whch range from studyin, orkutting, chatting to even downloading movies.. we find the fun part of all of it in OS Lab. V many times get left n right for keepin music at MAX vol, by sum seniors who r tryin hard to break n crack codes. he he..!! not 2 forget our dearest Swaps.. who has his way by downloading almost everythin up there in Utube, using his addons in firefox. 

 The 1st break after dinner happens arond 12 in the nite, whch wud b for a stroll out to Raju Anna's for a cup of Boost. 
"Boost is the secret of My energy" - Guru
"Our Energy"  - Swappy
is the punch line, these guys keep repeating like always.. the 4 pointer meanwhile prefers to sit silent n comment only on necessary things.. well jst in case u r wondering who d 4 pointer is.. no need 4 ne apprehensions.. it is Sushy only.. d nly hardworkin guy among d odrwise hardly wrkin group..!! [:)] 

 In addition to all fun v have in OS Lab, we hav also have had quiet memorable moments with "Paplu" n "Papli"... "the Source of Sound".. "d phone call n walk"... n so on.. all dese r stories to new blogs themselves.. keep waiting for all that.. so d amount of fun v guys hav here is much more than wat v hav in our hostel rooms.. our wonderful sessions always hav frequent glorious moments when Sanky makes guest apperance for "Chitrakavya" meetin or else 2 invite us for the maggi he mite hav prepared for us.. he a quite awesome man.. a very helpful n nice guy n above all "d cutest" guy as all girls knw him better.. 

 A new addition 2 our group in OS Lab is "i kn nothin"... the laughin machine.. OMG..!! u shud see how she keeps laughin all d time.. for nethin n everythn under d sun.. n also the algo machine.. !! 

I am sure few years down d lane, much more than the pressure of studies, exams.. these r the stuff that v all r gonna keep thinkin abt always..!! 

May the life @ OS Lab go on n on.!!!! 

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sunandapregada said...

very true sandy....n i'm no algo machine...
n u'll definetly...find sumthin coming out very soon...v'll rock this place...n how can u forget raju anna...dedicate a seperate blog 4 him...n spell check itzz susyy....[:P]!!
a mastt blogg....