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Monday, September 1, 2008

Super Power - America

One of d best technologies v use so damn frequently is YouTube.! - d whole idea n concept was so huge that they even managed to convince s/w giants Google to buy d whole thing for a heavy price.. well wats good abt YouTube.. u effectively get evrythin up there.. n whn it came synch with orkut.. wat more do v need guys..!! well incidently i went thru a youtube video recently whch was abt Barack Obama's visit to CMU(Carnegie Mellon Uty), he was there as part of a discussion abt "Changes that America must make to compete in global economy". i found sum sections of it extremely interesting. thought i will share it wid u all.
Obama: For the last 3 weeks i have been travelling across the country, talking about how we can change our economy so that it works for the American people. And i have also been listening, I have talked to man in Missouri, whose wife works two jobs, because his arthiritis causes 1500 $ a week to treat. I have heard from a student in Minnesota, who is worried that she won't be able to take her final exams cos she is maxed out on her student loans. We can hear lot of such stories, cos although many Americans are working hard, they still can't keep pace. Its time for us to recognise these individual stories connect to a large American story. All of us have a stake in our common prosperity. We are failing to put overselves in a competitive position in global economy. Our country faces challenges to leadership in this young section. Our children will grow up facing competition from their counterparts in Bejing and Bangalore. If we dont change course, there is no doubt that the American dream will be there for my daughters or your sons, as it was there for us. America risks falling behind. If we cant give every child in America the chance of world class education, we will cripple their ability to make a living in a knowledge based economy and watch China and India move ahead in the race for 21st century.
Now thats soothing for any Indian, well you can catch the whole video here.

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