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Monday, September 1, 2008

Personalised System of Education

Well.. Jul 16, '08- i landed in Bengalooru with lots of stuff, to realise n live my dream.. I was heading to a place, where i really wanted to be, wher i thought i can re-live my college.. wher i thought i can learn all things whch i wanted to.. wher i can perhaps get solutions to all my unanswered ques.. abov all, wher i get to meet the best of the best. d next 2 days were to b enjoyed b4 jumpin in2 d world of buks, i dint wanna miss d chance. Caught up wid few old skool buddies, had an amazing time wid them.. perhaps i already re-lived my school with them.. most amazing i had in my life was definitely in school - KV Pattom was heaven.!! I wish i cud get back ther, in thos classrooms, in my fav place - football ground(popularly known as Top Ground). I dont knw y it was called so, but its was indeed a TOP Place.. he he.. i wanted to play another game of football.. Well all those mite remain dreams forever, lets get back to d dream, whch i was goin to fulfill.

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