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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I made a small difference

it hpnd around 1 year back on a rainy day evening around 7.30 pm..!! i was back home after a tiring day of work..! alas i made it home jst 2 realise tht i don hav keys to get in. i gav a ring to my roomie, but it went in vain as he was not reachable. only thing perhaps i cud do is wait.. [:)].. wid even d gates locked.. i parked my bike on d road n sat on top of it.. wid a sony ericsson phone n amazing head phones, its not tht diff to sit idle n enjoy sum rockin music..!!
it was nly a matter of time, whn i realised sum furious dog barking.. whch were so loud, tht even my sony ericsson let it interrupt d song i was listenin to.. i stopped d music n went n checked out, wat was happening..?
thr was a vacant plot rt next to my home.. d plot was so peculiarly kept tht it was surronded by foundation walls on all 4 sides.. bt d plot behind tht is bit elevated.. and hence its easy to get into dat plot.. bt diff to get out.. [:)].. so now i see d dog inside d plot tryin to find it very diff to get out.. it went in as part of its adventurous stroll i guess.. but now it was extremely desparate to make it outside.. it kept on tryin to jump.. jump.. n' again.. but no luck.. it slowly strted recognising.. perhaps it wud never get to see d outside world ever again.. now this is not d first time dat d same thing hpnd.. i have seen this same dog, get in2 ds plot n then barking out loud.. cos of its nuisance.. my neighbour wud come out in say 5 mins n get it out sumhow.. jst to stop its barking.. but ds time, he wasnt around.. n hence all his barking was in vain..
well i too wanted him to learn a lesson, how many times he repeat d same mistake.. n i was in position to go n get this stray dog.. who knows.. it mite even give me a bite.. i wasnt gonna tak such a risk.. so i jst continued sitting on my bike.. thts when d hero..saw a glance of me all of a sudden.. it was on d diagonally opposite corner n as soon as it saw me, it made such a fast movement to dat side of plot, near to whch i was standing.. it came 2 d very corner, n started barking violently.. soon d violent nature of bark was gone, n it bcam almst a request.. it was askin me out 4 help.. 4 one moment i looked across to d dog.. n it looked in2 my eyes n pleaded.. it was as if it was telling me.. "This is ur chance to show d humanity in u, ds a chance to grab to show u can make sum diff here., don let it go.. don b so rude.. " i felt a pinch inside me, wat am i doin.. think abt a situation if i was ther, n sum1 who cud so very wel help, bt is ignorant.. i got myself up n went near d wall.. d panting n desparate nature of d dog so much increased.. it ws lik, d dog finally felt there was atleast a small chance dat it wud b able to see d world outside once more.. [:)] d very thought of it wud have made it so happy i gues... now.. i managed all courage i had n went near d wall.. i carried d dog, wid much apprehension on how it mite react.. but i gathered al courage n took it and helped it onto odr portion of wal... it wud have been d happiest moment in its life..!! it wanted to thank me i guess.. n these animals hav so many ways of thankin u.. it mite even embarrass u..[:)] bt its definitely fun too.. d doggy made peculiar sounds n startd takin instant rounds around me.. as if my action was so important to it.. it made atleast 10-15 rounds... during whch i felt so happy from within, it mite have been a very small n insignificant thing .. but it was thankin me for d decision i took.. n then slowly i strayed d dog away.. n aftr sum time, it made its way thru d roads n started on wid its adventourous stroll wid a high self esteem i guess [;)] ..
well.. now d good news is perhaps dat tough time was good enuf for our dearest friend to learn all his lessons.. he makes it at a point to visit my home every single day.. roams around my bike 4 sumtime, jst to show his gratitude.. n best part is.. he never gets in2 d plot.. its forbidden territory.. dats a lesson learnt d hard way.. i too learned a good lesson.. n i made a difference too.. am happy abt it..!!


sheena said...
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sheena said...

hmmm...very good moral and very good helping mentality..that you've always shown..