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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rock On.!!

Dil kya kehta hey mera, kya mein bataaoon,
tum yeh samjhoge shaayad ki mein paagal hoon,

Dil karta TV tower pe mein chad jaaon,
chilla chilla ke mein yeh sabse kehdoon
hey yeh waqt kaa ishaara
hur lamhaa pukaara
yunhi dekhta hey kya tuu 
zindagii millegii dubaaraaaaa...

Oh My God, an amazing n rockin hindi movie since a long time.. felt lik comin out of a rock concert after d movie..!! amazin n touchin story.. i bet on it tat every person who has atleast a bit of rock music n passion for music wud love ROCK ON.!! It speaks abt Living Ur Dream!! yeah, watever happens in life, go n live ur dream. Don care abt wat may/maynt happen.. but livin ur dream is very important. Whats d whole damn point of endin up doin sumthin u hate, n later on regretting of wat decisions u dint take long back, when u had the chance. Life very rarely gives u 2nd chance. d movie says abt a band which failed to make it big, cos of sum small ego problems among them, although the talent n magik(as they call themselves) was in plenty..!! But in real life, things very rarely as in thse movies, u never get a 2nd chance. But i guess all get atleast a good chance, so make use of d chance u get n LIVE UR DREAM.!! 

D movie reminded me of many wonderful moments i had wid my friends, when we used to hangout for wonderful jamming sessions. 
Ashok... d most amazing guitar player i have seen.. 
Tommy... mind blowin singer.. he gets d crowd in his hands..  
Murali... bass guitarist... plays Nothin else matters in a deadly way
BAR... Killer Drummer.. 

We guys have had an amazing time, rocking !! but now Tom - is in US working for a sw comp, Murali - doing MBA in New Zealand, BAR - working in Infy, Blore. n Ashok - he is still up with guitars..(happy 4 that). I hope these friends com back sumtime n v shall again have sum rocking time.. its all abt realising wat u wanna do in life.. Just Do it , as simple as that.!!

D movie was also spl, cos it was my 1st movie wid my frns @ IIIT.. a big gang of around 12 of us left d campus around 3. luckily tuesday v have jst 1 class n hence v love to jump on2 d chance.. Thanks to Chandu.. he got e-tickets booked for all of us, :) v had a memorable bus journey, with every1 keeping aside their tension full life @ IIIT aside for atleast few hours.!! PVR @ Forum a nice place 2 watch movie.. we had a nice time. :)
Guys @ IIIT who dared to Rock On!!
Akash, Anenth, Atul, Chandu, Guru, Samarth, Sandeep, Sanket, Shuba, Sunanda, Sushant,Swapnil (in alphabetical order) ... btw v all missed distribution of Assignment-0 grades too.. ;) 

Don't Download Songs of Rock On.!
Buy CD.!!
thts how d day ended.. !! 

ROCK ON.!!!!!!!!


sunandapregada said...

i neva knew dat u had a band of ur own!!
pretty impressive!

Sandeep said...

ha ha, don be too impressed.!! cos i was jst d bonding factor in there..!! but time went on, n priorities shifted [:)].. thts how life goes..

athi said...

Pardon me if m ruinin ur post wid my comments , bt m sure u ll take it in stride. :P

I thot d movie ws quite mediocre...
tho sum performances wer quite gud.
Considering d fact dat farhan ws part of d movie, i thk i expected too much, cud b one reason i dint lik it.

I rly dun knoe wats d big deal n tho d music ws rockin... d songs wer rly a big dissapointment...lik one of my frnds hapnd to comment..'it ws lik d lyrics writer had been given ek ghanta to write all d songs' and he had to meet d demand.Except for d rhymin quality der ws no depth...no sense.

Aasman hai neela kyon?
Paani geela geela kyon? :D
Gol kyon hai zameen?

Silk mein hai narmi kyon? :O
Aag mein garmi kyon?
Do aur do paanch kyun nahin?

Ped ho gaye kam kyon?
Teen hai ye mausam kyon?
Chaand do kyon nahin? :$

Duniya mein hai jung kyon?
Behta laal rang kyon?
Sarhadein hai kyon har kahin?

[d only part wich made sense..]

Even amateur bands cud do more justice to d amazin music. N farhan's singing ws just k, but considering d fact dat he isn't a professional singer n dat he s multitalented u cud give him sum credit for d effort.

Bt defntly ders more hype dan it deserves. Der wer dis awsum movie 'Mumbai Meri Jaan' wich got almost nil credit for d amazin script n performances. Popular cinema overshadows such beautiful features.