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Monday, December 29, 2008

Recall an SMS??

V all belong to SMS Generation..v send so many messages a given dat.. n in an effort to do it very fast, many a times v send wrong sms to the wrong person..!! Trust me, i have done it so many times..

It doesnt matter in most of d cases, cos u jst finish d story by sending another sms sayin.. "Sorry, that wasn't mean for ya".. but wat if, it was sumthin abt tht person itself.. while composing d msg, u keep thinkin abt tht person abt whom u r riting, n finally whn u select d no.. "What if u select dat person's no itself n click Send".. !! Well that isnt gonna b a very good situation rt.. ?

So check well b4 u click "Send" as u don hav a Recall option thr..!!
Keep messaging...

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