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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Power of d Word "Desire.."

Well yday was a really bad day.. it was a Saturday - v had like really nice plans for d weekend.. movie, outing.. all frns 2gther.. but v knew all ds wud work out only if v all manage 2 get up in time 2 do all ds.. cos normally saturday morning, all i can hear in d hostel is snoring.. ppl sleep even up2 3 pm.. :)!!
So it was around 12 noon that all ppl got up n hence d mornign plan 2 go out was obviously cancelled.. v had a MAC OS session @4pm.. n since v were all in MAC Projects, v had to attend that.. so gtng from d village called "Electronics City" 2 "Bangalore" wud neway mean a lot of time n movie definitely not possible, if v needed 2 return b4 4pm.. n d hot saturday sun motivated all of us for another wonderful nap.. n v all gave up 2 d
- DESIRE of enjoyin sleep rather than a much awaited outing.. but
- DESIRE 2 go out still hung within each one (not as strong as initally though).. n hence v all decided 2 go out whn d MAC session gets over.. whch according 2 us wud b around say 6 pm.. 2 hours s more than enuf.....
Ltr during d day, around 3:45, d wonder called "IIIT Mi-Fi" (Wi-Fi in IIIT MH1) allows us 2 finally read a mail whch says d MAC session is @7pm...!!!!!!!! Wel tht again obviously means.. d
- DESIRE 2 go out dint work out!! n hence all plans cancelled... v all decided 2 give it up 2 d
- DESIRE of LAZINESS.. n confined ourselves to rooms n again slept.. :)
At around 7, we startd MAC.. how long wud it take max.. 2 hrs.. ? challo lets keep it safe.. 3 hrs.. thts way more than enuf.. MAC installation finally started.. d big names of industry in lappys.. DELL, COMPAQ, Sony, all gave up d 2 pressure of Mac.. Gullu's Harmonium was last in d race. .Sussy's did atleast get some music played.. n my VAIO played 2 varities of music.. nw 2 songs.. is not that bad.. but in d process it destroyed a little area of my beloved VAIO called d GRUB.. d
- DESIRE for MAC killed my GRUB.. luckilly thanks for harsha's 320 GB external HDD i had backed up my data.. a lesson for all u guys.. please maintain timely backup... Hard disks r meant to crash.... if they dont, please contact ur sys admin.. n finally d
- DESIRE for MAC killed my Windows Vista, Ubuntu Ultimate Edition n SUSE linux on VM.. d so expected session of 3 hrs got extented by few hours.. n ended up in a total of 12 hours.. it was around 7 AM tht i got my got life into my Vaio back..!! wid d base of OSs installed.. i had d
- DESIRE to sleep for some time.. n so did i.. but very soon d
- DESIRE for my lappy to be back in action, i needed all drivers to b installed.. wid no music, no wi-fi.. wat am i gonna do..?? Here is where d magician called "Sanky" comes up.. "d screw driver".. man, he is ds guy who has drivers for everything.. name d brand, name d hw - he gives u driver.. aftr a long day - d driver process n recovery of data had taken away all my day man.. d wonderful weekend was gone.. it was around 4 pm.. dats when i felt.. d weekend was over.. n none of my
- DESIREs except d sleep went on ... i thought .. wat did i want now.??? few things came up..
1. Time away from OS n Device Drivers
2. Fresh Air
3. Bike Ride
4. Good Food
- All these things made me understand.. none of this can b realised inside IIIT... so inspite of having a class 2mrw morning.. i took d bike keys.. n started........... i got fresh air(whch is like very diff in Bangalore).. d
- DESIRE for it, made me feel so atleast,... for d first time, i felt even Hosur road looked really good inspite of the Maytas Skyway project... sunday early evening also meant it was no traffic....... i had a very nice time riding it... d happiness of having realised a DESIRE..
- DESIRE for good food natually made me take straight 2 my sis place.. i reached home n had some hot rice with dal n kanava curry.... it was adipolii... ha ha..
i felt i realised all my DESIREs... now if u guys y ds post... well again i had d
- DESIRE 2 jot down few lines in my otherwise blank blog........ now d circle of life continues.. i am starting to have d
- DESIRE 2 sleep now.. its 1 am .. got an early class 2mrw, n morever i need to ride 22 km 2 get there.. hope Hosur Road has d same beauty as it had 2dayyy!!!!!!

Go Fulfill ur DESIREs...!!!!! Cheers!!!!!

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sunandapregada said...

the desire of desiring things have turned out 2 b so good...n at t end teaches u so mch[:)]